In the news

Roundup of energy and electricity news and developments in South Africa

8 July to 21 July 2024

1. Government commits to ultra-aggressive approach to rollout of renewable energy
2. Minister vows to confront local government electricity service delivery failures head on
3. Largest wheeling project in South Africa commissioned, with others in the wings
4. Shock opposition by Eskom Distribution to licencing of electricity traders by NERSA
5. Further electricity price increases forecast as Eskom losses continue
6. Government approves life-extension, and plans new nuclear amidst growing opposition

24 June to 7 July 2024

1. Separation of DMRE into DMPR and DEE, and appointment of ministers
2. TotalEnergies may exit gas projects off the southern coast of South Africa
3. NERSA approves municipal electriciy price increases for 1 July 2024
4. Outrage grows at City Power R230 fixed charge for prepaid electricity customers
5. Eskom celebrates 100 days with no loadshedding
6. 10% import duty applied to solar PV modules offset by 10% rebate scheme