EE Business Intelligence

Serving the energy, electricity and ICT sectors of Africa

EE Business Intelligence strives to be a positive formative influence on policy, economic, social, regulatory, standardisation, training and business development in the energy, electricity and ICT sectors of Africa, providing services including:

  • Thought leadership, analysis, research and writing assignments
  • Consulting, special assignments, strategic planning and business intelligence
  • Public, corporate and media speaking, engagements and commentary
  • Communication strategy and implementation
  • Strategic event facilitation and management
  • Specialised ICT training and leadership mentoring at all levels
  • Digital skills development strategies and curriculum development
  • Quality assurance of ICT skills development programmes
  • Preparing and writing research and funding proposals
  • Pre-investment evaluation, advising and mentoring digital startups and incubators
  • Pre-investment evaluation of digital startups
  • Advice on developing strategic partnerships between industry, academia and government